33 years old Single Lady In Canada Online Now

33 years old Single Lady In Canada Online Now

This gorgeous and pretty Canadian single lady, whose names cannot be mentioned right now, is highly interested in dating as soon as possible. This single woman resides in Ontario, Canada and wants to build a long and lasting relationship with a gentleman on this online dating site.


About Canadian Single Lady

Adventurous, traveler, science & environment enthusiast. Passionate about life and living. I’m respectful, sincere, ambitious, culturally tolerant, flexible, and honest.

I’ll start with the simplest step…are we looking for the same thing? If we aren’t then I see no need to waste your time.

I am decisive and goal oriented. A positive and progressive mentality is everything! I appreciate the simple things and have decent principles.

Life is short why not create some memories and enjoy it with someone that adds more happiness.

I’m a smart young lady who likes learning new things. I’m really easy to flow with once there’s a connection. I like shopping a lot, so be prepared to go shopping with me!

Last trips : Jamaica, Japan and Korea, Mexico, West Canada, France.

I can be spontaneous and hyperactive.

Workout is a part of my life.

Hiking and backpacking with a suitcase.

I’m looking for a fun guy that I can go on trips with and take lots of photos. Enjoy trying new restaurants, spending time with my friends, hard worker, loves food, and likes traveling. Someone who likes discovering new things and activities.

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