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Miss Elena is a 40 year old sugar mummy who resides in Ontario, Canada. A successful fashion business woman, she is ready to take a little time off from her busy schedule in order to chat and meet the right individual through this online dating site.

Canada Sugar Momma Tells Us About Herself

Truth is I am new to this online dating thing. I am only interested in the possibility of a connection within the shortest time possible.

I would describe myself as a caring, loyal, fun, motivated individual. I like to spend time with my family and friends and will go above and beyond for those who are important to me. But do not take my kindness for weakness.

I live a quiet but also social life. I appreciate the little things. I enjoy dancing, and playing the guitar.

I know what I want in life and would like someone who would want to embark on this journey with me. Five – seven year goal to live on a lake in a place that my family and friends can visit and make memories.

Being adventurous and easy going is so important to me. By exploring the wonders of the world and also enjoying the little things in life makes coming home at the end of a day so enjoyable.

I want to be respectful of your journey and will reply if I see a connection. Although I enjoy meeting people, I am not here to simply meet friends. Best wishes as you embark on the same road.

What I am Looking For:

Everyone has their someone and here is mine…

He is loyal. (Trust is important so if you have a history of cheating it’s a no go)

He is handsome (because I will look at you for years to come, hopefully! If we choose to exchange pics, avoid filters… the truth will come out lol)

He has emotional intelligence. (You can connect with others, be empathetic, communicate and manage your own emotions. I enjoy peace not drama)

He has depth. (I want to have intelligent conversations and learn about your worldview. I do not want to have to convince you that COVID is not a government conspiracy- although poorly handled. I have no tolerance for humour that insults culture, race, ethnicity etc. Don’t get me wrong, I am laid back but respectful of all)

He is humble. (Being successful, whatever that means to you, is wonderful whether you were born into privilege or worked hard for it. Appreciating what you have is important but appreciating that others success may look different from yours is also important.)

He enjoys family. (Ideally you are close to your family or you understand why it’s a better choice not to be. I like my family and I’m blessed to have them so… you would have to like them but they are fun I promise lol)

He has perspective. (I like what I do and I feel that if you do, there is less stress. If you don’t like what you do, you understand why you are putting your time in and can compartmentalize it. You see the good in people before assuming the worst. You approach situations holding the best view you can of all sides. You address conflict with respect.)

He isn’t afraid to dance in public. (I think that says a lot about you… in so many ways and… I like to salsa)

He enjoys travelling. (Whether it’s a weekend away locally, a resort, a hike, a swim in a waterfall… I am up for it). Men who have the ability to move to Canada easily or live in Canada is preferred.


So, there it is, a fun and outgoing single sugar mummy in Ontario, Canada who just can’t wait to chat and meet you. Send us a message now to see sugar mummy whatsapp numbers.

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