Norway Sugar Mama Wants To Chat Online

Norway Sugar Mama Wants To Chat Online
Want to find a sugar mommy in Norway? Looking for a single Norwegian sugar momma online? Through this sugar mummy dating site, one can chat and meet rich sugar mummies anywhere in Norway.

Norway, a Nordic and Scandinavian country sharing boundaries with Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Finland, is a very beautiful country with a flourishing economy. With landmark mountains, glaciers, deep coastal fjords and historical museums, Norway is truly an interesting place to visit.

A sugar mummy in Oslo, Norway wants to chat on WhatsApp. She is looking for the right gentleman who is also interested in being in a healthy long term relationship with a sugar mama. Aged just 44 years, this Norwegian sugar mummy is such a gorgeous and pretty single woman.


Norwegian Sugar Mama Online

I’m a down to earth, Norwegian woman. Strong, warm, caring, honest and independent and I believe that there is something good in everyone. LOL I sound like a beauty queen! Not my intention but I find it hard to describe myself. I believe that different people bring out different traits in you and the trick is to meet someone who will bring out your best sides and make you want to strive to become an even better person.

The right person would be willing to communicate to move through differences and difficulties instead of diminishing or escalating them. I do have the ability to see my mistakes and get past my hang-up’s – and I am capable of apologizing – but the work is never one-sided.

I make whomever I’m in a relationship with a priority in my life and I expect him to do the same. I want the relationship to be the core in my life but with freedom to do things separately as well. If we click and you can make me laugh, it’s nothing better! I like to laugh and to make other people smile too. I enjoy travelling to get new inputs in life and to see new places and people and I have worked and lived in Zambia for seven years. I like dancing to keep in shape. This should give you an idea of what I´m about but only one-on-one communication can lead to a better understanding.

I am looking for a gentleman; someone secure in himself and his worth, someone who respects me. Like most people, I have been hurt but that only makes me more determined to stay honest and open in order to find the right gentleman for me.

I don’t want games and pretending in my relationship but I like playing freely long after we have established that we’re in a relationship. I don’t want to be taken for granted but I don’t expect huge gestures to prove that I’m not. Looks, kind gestures and normal day’s attention proves so much more. I guess I want someone to fulfill and complement me, someone to share both the good and bad experiences that life throws at us.

Oh, and by the way, you should probably like to cook as I find everyday cooking boring and I would like to share that task with someone. Preparing a meal for those special occasions, e. g. three days cooking to prepare a Christmas meal from scratch or to cook for that evening dinner for no other reason than to show you that you are special to me, is something that I like though.

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