Sugar Mommy In Brazil – Chat On WhatsApp 

Sugar Mommy In Brazil – Chat On WhatsApp 
A suggar mommy in Brazil wants to be in a long term relationship. This Brazilian sugar mommy resides in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and she is out here on this sugar mommy site hoping to find that exceptional gentleman who is adorable, happy with life, fun, loyal and trustworthy.

Known simply as Miss Lucimara, this sugar mommy is just 44 years and runs her own business around Rio De Janeiro and its environs.


A Little About Brazil Sugar Momy

I enjoy getting out and enjoying different local and international road trip venues, dining out, perusing book stores, museums, classic car shows, art/live theatre performance, and oh – though I can’t sing or dance – huge music fan here (80s pop, new wave, country, rock, 80s-90s R&B, 70s disco, 80s metal, 90s alternative, classical, opera, jazz). I’m old-school and all over the place!

Former school athlete, so I do enjoy watching some sporting events and enjoy attending in person or hopping down to a sports lounge to watch. I’d have to say that an evening listening to live jazz while chatting and laughing the night away, is much more up my alley though.

I’m pretty calm/chilled, a bit conservative, reserved, and laid back, not loud or boisterous – except if something makes me really laugh! Hate drama; prefer calm and peace. I’m serious yet very light-hearted, simple yet complex, sarcastic yet diplomatic, strong yet feminine, modern yet traditional – basically a marvel of contradiction. What I am not is full of drama, contempt, etc. and I do not enjoy engaging in senseless arguments all day. To sum it up, I’m a woman who likes to laugh, travel, explore venues, restaurant hop, engage in diverse conversation, and make new friends.

Why am I here? I’d like to meet someone who is seeking the same genuine connection. Can this be done online? I’ll remain optimistic.

I prefer a gentleman of action, so if you’re sincere, your interest is piqued after reading through my profile, you’re looking for the same or similar, and I seem to be up your alley, then send me a chat or thoughtful message. Tell me what you found interesting or tell me something interesting about yourself.

I am looking for a cultured, educated, respectful/kind, loyal, honest, humorous/playful, career oriented, well traveled (still enjoys travel), law abiding gentleman. I can have a strong personality so balance is good, balance is key. I, therefore, look for someone who is confidently masculine; not overbearing, but likewise strong with traditional qualities.

I VERY much appreciate a communicative man. It’s an underestimated quality that yields so much importance yet seems to be so hard to come by.

No couch potatoes! While I do enjoy quiet times at home and would like to stay in, watch movies, and cook together at times, I know myself enough to know that I thrive with someone who enjoys going out (if you enjoy the arts (music, theatre, creative arts) and you’re a bit of a foodie, that is a HUGE plus). Let’s hit the town, hop around looking for an awesome deli, or work out at the gym, or catch some live comedy, or stop in at a live music venue to listen to some old school jams!

Looking for someone to travel with, to enjoy life with. Someone with similar CORE values to get to know and see what develops — but ultimately looking for someone who for the big picture is seeking something long-term and knows what he wants/does not want in a relationship. More than pictures, I’m seeking someone who truly wants to and will take the time to know me and is open enough for me to truly know him.

I like a man who looks good in a suit lol.

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