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WhatsApp is a popular social media app where you can interact with people from all over the world one-on-one or in a group chat. The messages and calls on WhatsApp are usually encrypted and secure, which makes it a very good app to have conversations without encroaching on one’s privacy. WhatsApp can also serve as a useful tool for online dating and long distance relationships. Hence, the term: WhatsApp dating.

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We want to provide you with the whatsapp number of this rich sugar mummy in UK. This UK single lady, 47, resides in Manchester, England, UK. She wants to chat on WhatsApp and create a very good connection first with a gentleman on this sugar mummy website.

About UK Sugar Mummy On WhatsApp

I am that girl who is very intentional. I am very supportive, I will be your number one loudest cheerleader constantly telling you, you can achieve things. Hanging out with me can be very fun.

I would want to put a smile on your face when you’ve had a bad day, I would want to someone who will challenge me and in return I am going to challenge you mentally and emotionally to feel things deeper than you have before. I am self-driven, I care about goals and I am going to motivate you to achieve your own success.

I got self-respect, I take care of myself; a simple routine of exercising and eating right. I can be a good influence on you. I genuinely care for others; I show kindness and I appreciate when you do the same.

I am brutally honest. I am going to tell every detail of things. My phone is unlocked and I don’t have a password. I am an open book and doesn’t have secrets.

Beauty isn’t found in perfection but rather the girl who accepts everything about herself not letting her flaws speak for her.

I strive to be better. I am willing to change the parts of myself if that will make me better, healthier and happier.

I am family oriented; I believe family comes first. I would want to spend time with your family. I am going to include your brother and sister in plans.

I believe emotions aren’t always ugly or a sign of weakness. but that is what connects you and brings you closer. I am going to bring you to a level no one else can or has before. I want to touch the part of your heart you’ve kept so guarded. I am easy going, who is likable and approachable.

I will make you feel secure. You will know you are enough. I want to look at you like you’re the only one in the room. I will show you off to everyone, you feel confident with me.

I am willing and ready to make it work.

Be an intuitive and empathetic listener. Communication is key, being a thoughtful listener is a skill that must be practiced, honed, and worked on regularly. In the same way that you would like your partner to articulate their needs directly to you, they very well might be feeling the same thing about your communication style.

Be respectful of other women. Speaking ill of the women in your life can be interpreted that you don’t respect women as a whole.
Be mindful of how you speak about women in general. No woman wants to date a man who makes her feel unsafe

Be affectionate. There are many ways to show your affection and people respond to signals of affection differently. These are part of what sustains the relationship in the harder seasons.

Be generous, like listening, generosity is a value that acts as an underlying current in many other traits. Doing things for one another to make life easier, forgiving each other, and keeping your partner happy, all require a generous heart.

It’s important that you take responsibility for your own emotional needs and be able to deal with them inside and outside of the relationship. Be open to being wrong. Defensiveness is a reaction that is deeply human. We are all wired to protect ourselves, and this can lead to defensive behavior, defensive mode of communicating can be deeply harmful to the relationship.

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  • Am Jovenna from entebbe uganda .seeking a serious sugar mummy from USA and UK. And free to send for me a message on +256700842335

  • Abdul Rahaman says:

    Ramz from Ghana looking for sugar mom,based in either Uk or Canada +233249796568.