Wealthy USA Sugar Mummy In New York – See WhatsApp Numbers

USA Sugar Mummy In New York – See WhatsApp Numbers

A sugar mommy who resides in New York, the United States of America is actively looking to ignite a relationship with a gentleman interested in sugar momma dating. A single mom, who has been on her own for quite some time now, she is seeking someone who can fill that lonely void present in her life now. A thriving business woman in her community, she is hoping to meet her Knight in shining armor through this esteemed sugar mummy site.


About USA Sugar Mummy On WhatsApp

I’m a mom before anything. I also have my own beauty business, like to cook and spend time with my fam and friends… just trying to see if there’s any good guys left.

A bit more about me: I like to travel and looking to explore all corners of the world some day, so if you enjoy exploring new places, then points to you!

I’m kind, humble and enjoy the simple things in life. I keep it classy, always with a hint of my humor to keep that special someone smiling and laughing.

Enjoy live music. My choice in music is R&B/soul/jazz. Can’t stand drama. My life is calm and peaceful and that’s how I like to keep it.

If you have really read my profile, then please take a glance at where I live. If long distance is a deal breaker then I’m not the person you should be reaching out to. I’m open to a long distance relationship and will consider relocation, only, If the relationship leads to its full potential.

At this age… not about wasting time. It’s about living.

I’m in no hurry to find the one but I have faith that the right gentleman will arrive at the right time. Only looking for a man of integrity, who’s loyal, trusting, respectful and will value me as the amazing woman I am. So, I’m not searching…I’m observing.

It’s very important to have a connection and hopefully some common interests. A man of good character speaks volumes to me. Good Values. Good communicator. Kind. Respectful… this list goes on. How you treat others will speak truth to the true good man that you are. No one is perfect. But We all should strive to just be better versions of ourselves.

Looking to find someone who’s willing to build and grow as a team. You’ve got my back and I’ve got yours.
Boundaries are important. I’m hoping to find a man that isn’t looking to push the boundaries to get what he wants.

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You don’t necessarily need to reside in New York or any other US city, as long as you are ready to relocate or travel to the United States of America as quickly as possible, then you can meet a sugar momma.

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    I need a sugar mama in USA, UK or Australia. I’m 31 year’s