USA Sugar Mummy Online – Chat on WhatsApp And Telegram

USA Sugar Mummy Online – Chat on WhatsApp And Telegram
Do you want to find a sugar mommy in the USA? Looking for sugar mummies in Canada, the UK, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico? is certainly the best 100 percent free sugar mom dating site to chat and meet sugar mummies online. This sugar mummy dating site has made it really simple to see the phone numbers/contacts, Telegram and WhatsApp numbers of rich sugar mamas anywhere in the world.

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About USA Sugar Mummy Online
Self-aware, empathetic, life-long learner. Let’s build a solid friendship based on trust and see where it takes us. I’m happy, grateful, active, creative, curious. I can’t sing to save my life…well maybe, but it’s not my best talent. That doesn’t stop me though. I enjoy cooking and floating face-up in the ocean in a light rain with goggles on so I can see the raindrops tumbling towards me and feel them on my face. I’m happy so anyone considering joining should bring their happiness with them.

I’m passionate about youth development. I’m passionate about how to treat the environment and what knowledge and skills we are passing on to youth to help them navigate a future in the world we are leaving them. I founded and manage 2 charities. One is registered in 3 countries but really active in one, for now. I believe that every interaction with another is an opportunity to learn and to teach. I believe in honesty.

Countries I have lived in or visited: Canada, Barbados, Norway, Curacao, Mexico, Uruguay, Grenada, Petite Martinique, Dominica, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Vincent, Puerto Rico. I have not really explored Europe…yet.

I am looking for an authentic, awakened soul. Fit but not fanatical about it. A balanced person who can be silly and playful but also a strong, inclusive leader. I can be a handful or two.

I’m not afraid to talk about religion but politics, not so much. Someone who enjoys deep, intellectual conversations but also being alone together just sitting quietly doing nothing, or binge watching something.

We learn so much about ourselves as we continue to live and grow each day. So, someone who is dynamic.

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