Whatsapp Dating: UK Single Woman, 33, Wants To Chat

Whatsapp Dating: UK Single Woman, 33, Wants To Chat
A beautiful single lady who resides in London, England, the United Kingdom is online and wants to chat on WhatsApp. A tech enthusiast and beauty products reviewer, this gorgeous single woman in the UK is looking forward to embracing a new happy, fun and lasting relationship with the right person as soon as possible.

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The name of this UK single lady who wants to chat on the whatsapp dating app is Emily, a 33 year old London resident. She wants to meet someone charismatic, full of good vibes and has a wide range of interesting topics to discuss.

Emily: UK Single Woman Talks About Herself

I would say that I am kind in heart and have a tender soul. I’m a very down to earth and a laid back person. I am easy to be around, easy to talk to and a good listener as well. I can be quiet or shy at first, but once you get to know me, I can unleash the real me. I am calm, friendly, kind, caring, family oriented person, honest and someone you can trust on. Also a respectful one, treating others with respect and treating them how I want to be treated. I have a light hearted sense of humor, just gentle fun enough to make you smile.

I’m a person who likes listening to music, reading, web browsing, gardening and photography. I’m a nature and pet dog enthusiast too. I’m a quiet sort and generally live a quiet life. I’m not one for pubs or clubs, I prefer to be at home and spend time with my interests instead. If you’re outdoorsy, I can join you too as I like hiking, camping and cycling. When it comes to sports, I’m not that actively engaged now like the way I used to be in playing volleyball, softball, swimming and badminton.

I am a simple person who likes simple things. For other info or anything you want to know, feel free to ask me.

I am looking for someone who has the same frequency as mine. Consider me to be their best friend, emotionally stable and respectful. Someone who accepts all versions of me and can care about me unconditionally and can stand up and face the best and worst times together with me. I’m not looking for perfect, but I am looking for real.

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