Whatsapp Number Of UK Single Woman

Whatsapp Number Of UK Single woman– A very beautiful and elegant single lady who is just 36 years old is out here on this online sugar mummy dating site looking forward to meeting a young gentleman to be in a long term and healthy relationship with. She resides in Manchester, England, the United Kingdom and is eagerly anticipating being in a fun relationship with that gentleman who can really be affectionate, adventurous, with a charming personality and great conversational skills. A fairly rich single lady making giant strides in the Tech industry, this gorgeous single lady in the UK is hoping to strike a wonderful connection with the right individual, create beautiful memories together and enjoy being happy in a stable yet thrilling relationship.

The WhatsApp and phone numbers of this pretty UK single woman are, of course, available to any gentleman who wants to interact and instantly chat. This UK single has however, stipulated that she wants to first create a unique bond through regular chats and possibly video calls so as to ascertain the gentleman’s true nature and values.


UK Single Woman’s Profile

I like to laugh, joke and try to enjoy this thing called life. I have always been pretty good at setting goals and meeting them. I have a wonderful career that helps me to provide for myself and enjoy life a little. I am a computer programmer. I have been in the IT field for over 16 years now. I own my own home, have my vehicles and pay all of my bills lol.

I enjoy music and I occasionally do sing in plays/movies. I am not looking for some type of child’s play relationship. I am ready for genuine feelings from a real man who does not mind being affectionate. Please, do not let my location deter you from sending a message because I am open to travel and if you are also, then let’s chat.

I have been exclusively dating outside my race for the last 11 years and I enjoy everything about it. If you cannot talk or video chat to prove that you are not a scammer, then don’t even message me.

I enjoy sushi and like traveling. I also work from home all the time ( computer programmer ), so don’t let location be an issue.

I am looking for an affectionate man who is not afraid to be the man in our relationship. I prefer a man who is okay and confident enough with making decisions, however my opinions should also be considered by him. I am very big on communication and I want someone who is able to communicate effectively. I prefer someone who is open minded and a good role model. I am very outgoing and like to talk and joke and would prefer ideally that this man has a healthy sense of humour. I enjoy traveling, so a traveling partner would also be ideal.

If you are sincerely interested in dating this gorgeous single woman in UK and would like to see her phone and Whatsapp numbers, then simply contact us now to start chatting. This UK single lady just can’t wait to embark on that awesome relationship journey with you, wherever you may be.

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